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Expedite Patient Care with Precise Pathology Requests

Pathology plays a critical role in the ability to diagnose and create an effective treatment plan for patients. An important part of the preparation process… Read More

Solving the Issue of Patient Data Overload through Enhanced Clinical Workflow

In the fast-paced healthcare system, every moment is crucial when providing essential care to patients. However, a significant challenge arises in delivering effective patient care:… Read More

Navigating the complex maze of medical information to provide exceptional patient care

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare data, fragmentation is surpassing aggregation at an alarming rate. As the healthcare data landscape rapidly expands, it opens doors… Read More

Transforming Second Opinion Care: The Power of Medical Record Organization

The demand for second opinions in the field of Oncology is experiencing a significant uptick, largely fueled by both self-referrals and employer-based services. A survey… Read More

How Healthcare Systems are Preparing for the Future Through Patient Access Leadership

Improving patients’ access to healthcare has always been a significant challenge for healthcare systems. Prioritizing a patient's preferences for appointment times and initial visit expectations,… Read More

Streamline Clinical Processes by Partnering with a Medical Record Retrieval Company

Hospital-based Health Information Management (HIM) teams play a critical role in ensuring accurate and efficient management of patient medical records, among other duties. They can… Read More

Why Are We Still Talking About Burnout?

As each year passes we learn about new and recurring challenges within the health care system that are affecting both providers and their patients. One… Read More
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eHealth Technologies Overview Video

Discover how eHealth Technologies can revolutionize the way you organize patient medical histories with eHealth Connect.® Read More

One Proven Way to Reduce Patient Leakage

Healthcare systems everywhere are analyzing, creating committees, and making plans to directly target one of healthcare’s most costly problems: patient – or some say revenue… Read More

Improving Clinical Processes and Care Delivery with a Trusted Record Partner

The evolution of medical records from paper to electronic formats has modernized medical communication, but it offers new challenges for end users. Many healthcare systems… Read More

Recognizing Employees Using Microsoft Teams “Praise” Feature

It is so important to recognize our peers for a job well done, and there's an easy way to do that with Microsoft Teams! Here… Read More

Removing Bottlenecks to Transplant Care

A candidate for a transplant must meet exacting criteria, and referring providers rely on Banner-University Transplant Center personnel to determine who qualifies. Banner uses eHealth… Read More

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