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Removing Bottlenecks to Transplant Care

June 17, 2022


Record Retrieval Solutions

A candidate for a transplant must meet exacting criteria, and referring providers rely on Banner-University Transplant Center personnel to determine who qualifies.

Banner uses eHealth Technologies to supply one indexed file that can be readily uploaded into a patient’s medical record for the provider to access. Providers can search the file by certain key words to find a particular piece of data that they need. Banner has a more complete picture to accurately review the patient’s medical history, which keeps the transplant center on track to develop the most appropriate treatment plan for patients in a timely manner.

Banner Health saves days, in some instances, weeks, in terms of referral processing time by using eHealth Technologies to facilitate the collection of medical records necessary for the intake process. Before eHealth Technologies, clerical staff would spend hours tracking down medical records.

“When I got here, we were receiving faxed patient records of 50 plus pages at a time—if the fax machine was working,” says Angie Korsun, former Executive Director, Advanced Organ Management, Transplant and MCS. “Staff members were sorting through mounds of paper, giving an encyclopedia-sized file to a provider to read, then scanning these pages into the patient’s electronic record. Staff were handling those pieces of paper too many times, and it was very inefficient.”


A comprehensive medical record has helped Banner’s transplant programs facilitate more meaningful dialogue between the providers and their patients. The organized, complete medical records have resulted in patients moving on more quickly to listing, when appropriate.


Additionally, accurate documents lead to cost efficiency, eliminating duplicate testing and screening, as the needed results are already in the medical record. Using eHealth Technologies has also improved staffing utilization. By outsourcing the retrieval and indexing process, Banner was able to avoid adding additional clerical staff.

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