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Clinical Research

Accelerate the process of opening life-saving opportunities with comprehensive medical histories

We seamlessly bring together a potential clinical trial participant’s vital medical records, images and pathology materials and clinically organizes them into an easy-to-access, customizable digital file. With our advanced clinical research technology, physicians have complete medical histories at their fingertips to make informed decisions and assessments quickly.

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How it works



eHealth Connect® expedites the collection of medical records, images and pathology materials to help connect patient data across clinical sites.



Medical records, images and pathology materials are then clinically organized to simplify the review process for you.


A comprehensive medical file is then delivered securely and directly to you so you can easily connect patients to clinical studies and partnerships.

Clinical research FAQs

  • Do you need help identifying clinical trial candidates before a patient's first visit?

    eHealth Connect® can quickly compare a patient’s clinical history against each trial’s inclusion and exclusion criteria. Our data algorithms explore a patient’s eligibility and quickly pre-screens them for currently enrolling trials segmented by study phase and geographic location.

  • Are you a clinical trial organization struggling to get complete medical files for your candidates?

    With decentralized studies, the days of providers and care teams having to do painstaking manual work to evaluate patients for individual trials at a particular facility or having to be aware of studies outside their clinic are gone.

    Our innovative technology collects and clinically organizes data from every phase of the clinical trial, from development of the study protocol to the point of data gathering.

    This helps researchers gain insights more rapidly, reducing the amount of time needed from recruiting the first patient to published research.

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Better patient care means knowing all your options

Answer critical medical questions with access to a patient’s full history to identify opportunities for better health outcomes.