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Enhance the cardiovascular patient experience with a trusted partner

We reduce your administrative burdens by bringing together an advanced technology solution and a compassionate team of experts to quickly gather and deliver critically important medical histories so your patients can quickly get back on the road to recovery.

The right partner acts as an extension of your team to help you:

  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Streamline efficiencies
  • Drive revenue and quality of care
  • Maximize staffing
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Simplify the complex for better patient outcomes

Discover the benefits of a simple patient handoff. Cardiovascular disease is complex. Your patients may see an array of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, diagnostic imaging technicians, and subspecialty nurses who work together to offer a full spectrum of care to your patients. That’s why your patient handoff from one team to the next is crucial.

Partnering with us helps your patients receive faster, life-saving care as we seamlessly gather and deliver crucial medical histories.

With complex needs and scattered records, our advanced technology platform and expert team eliminate administrative burdens so your care teams have time to decipher, diagnose, and tailor treatment planning for meaningful first appointments.

Experience the benefits of eHealth Connect®


Improve patient outcomes

Effective communication between teams will reduce medical errors and help with better patient outcomes. Every patient is different and will need different treatment plans to fit their cardiovascular needs. We provide your team with access to imaging, labs, and complete medical histories so they can identify potential life-threatening diseases quickly and make actionable treatment plans.


Streamline efficiencies

Reduce medical errors and improve communication between departments during patient handoffs. When a patient is referred to your center, our team seamlessly works behind the scenes to streamline and correctly map your patient’s data from one organization to the next. Your team of specialists can quickly dive deep into the patient’s complete medical history and find out if more tests need to be ordered or begin a specialized treatment plan for their patient.


Drive revenue and quality of care

It can be scary and confusing to be diagnosed with a heart condition, so even patients with acute conditions want to be seen quickly. Patients who are seen quickly start to build trust with the specialist team and are more likely to stay and receive the care they desperately need.


Maximize cardiovascular staffing

Your cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and specialized care teams treat a full spectrum of heart disease and disorders, so let your staff focus on taking care of the patient while we take on the administrative activities.

How we’ve helped our customers.

less time managing healthcare records and images
healthcare facilities have let us streamline their medical record retrieval process
cardiovascular patients helped this year

Case Study

Manage higher patient volumes

“eHealth Technologies has been an important part of our rapid growth. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to keep up with the volumes.”

Manager of Cardiovascular Operations

Transform your patient care with eHealth Technologies

Take the next steps toward improving the patient experience and streamlining workflows. Our team of experts is ready to absorb the administrative burdens so your care team can focus on delivering superior patient care.

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