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Expedite cancer patient care with a trusted partner

We reduce your administrative burdens by bringing together an advanced technology solution and a compassionate team of experts to quickly gather and deliver critically important medical histories so your patients can focus on their recovery.

The right partner acts as an extension of your team to help you:

  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Streamline efficiencies
  • Drive revenue and quality of care
  • Maximize staffing
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Faster care for better outcomes

Discover the power of timely treatment plans for cancer patients. Every day a patient waits to be seen by a doctor impacts outcomes by up to 10% (BMJ research). 

Partnering with us guarantees your patients receive faster, life-saving care as we seamlessly collect, index, and deliver crucial medical histories so you can make well-informed decisions.

With complex needs and scattered records, our advanced technology platform and expert team eliminate administrative burdens, ensuring meaningful first appointments for precise diagnosis and tailored treatment planning.

Experience the benefits of eHealth Connect®


Improve patient outcomes

When care teams have fast access to comprehensive, indexed medical records, images, and pathology materials they can improve patient outcomes with custom care plans and meaningful first appointments.


Streamline efficiencies

When a new patient is referred to your cancer center, our team seamlessly works behind the scenes to clinically index and organize your patients’ complete medical histories, based on your care team’s preferences.


Drive revenue and quality of care

Many patients get a second opinion and are more likely to choose your facility over others if they can see an expert or specialist faster. When they do, it’s important your staff is reviewing their complete medical history, so the patient builds trust and stays to receive the care they desperately need.


Maximize oncology staffing

Our team of experts acts as an extension of your care team to help eliminate the administrative activities so your staff can focus on taking care of the patient.

How we’ve helped our customers.

oncology patients helped this year
increase in effectively managing referrals
decrease in wait time from referral to treatment

Case Study

Improving the care team experience

“eHealth Connect transformed several of our clinic’s processes for the better.”

Administrator, Surgical Oncology department, Midwestern Academic Medical Center.

Transform your patient care with eHealth Technologies

Take the next steps towards improving the patient experience and streamlining workflows. Our team of experts is ready to absorb the administrative burdens so your care team can focus on delivering superior patient care.

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