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Improving Clinical Processes and Care Delivery with a Trusted Record Partner

January 18, 2023


Record Retrieval Solutions

The evolution of medical records from paper to electronic formats has modernized medical communication, but it offers new challenges for end users. Many healthcare systems struggle to achieve integration that optimizes patient point-of-care, provides longitudinal patient histories, and effectively captures and manages their patient data.

With an explosion of digital health technologies across the country using different clinical terminologies, technical specifications, and functional capabilities, outside facility critical patient data is difficult to access and often lost in a sea of data clutter.

Integrating with a new health technology tool is critical for health care organizations looking to yield clinical efficiency improvements. That’s why you need a trusted partner that invests in their platform and makes it easier for you to exchange and share patient information across the myriad of medical data resources.

eHealth Technologies has identified three areas that must be standardized to improve the usability of your documents and to get the most value for your clinical teams:

  1. Prioritize usability when implementing interface design for end-user satisfaction.
  2. Clinically organize patient records to prominently display the most relevant information customized by medical specialty.
  3. Integrate clinical documentation with clinical workflows and navigation tools.

By having outside medical record information streamlined and correctly mapped, end users will be able to view the complete patient history and make data-backed decisions in a timely manner. Benefits of adopting a new electronic medical record tool include:

  • Reducing a clinician’s administrative time by retrieving and appropriately labeling only the records they need to accurately assess their patients.
  • Saving your patients’ time and money with meaningful first appointments and minimization of duplicate testing.
  • Providing the ability to share patient data across the entire enterprise.

Record management shouldn’t be an obstacle in providing the best, most informed patient care. By making the right patient data available, in an easy to navigate format, across all departments, you can reduce excess administration work, decrease the chances for duplicate testing and improve patient outcomes.

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eHealth Technologies integrates medical record, image, and pathology material retrieval with an advanced technology and analytics platform and compassionate team to help reduce the administrative burdens experienced by hospital administrators, clinicians, and patients. Data integration reduces manual entry, increases data integrity, and provides the means through which a comprehensive view of outside medical records is possible. eHealth Technologies acts as an extension of your team to help you improve patient outcomes, decrease patient leakage, and increase efficiencies while maximizing staffing.

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