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Comprehensive Medical Record Access Improves Outcomes

June 10, 2022


Record Retrieval Solutions

Provider access to comprehensive patient records can lead to improved medical decision-making, enhanced care coordination, and cost savings.

eHealth Technologies integrates medical images from more than 100 hospitals and imaging centers with numerous EHR solutions, as well as private, regional, and statewide Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) across the United States.

Radiologists, cardiologists, referring physicians, and other key care providers across a community can access the medical images they need from all connected locations with a single click. The images are accessible within a unified viewing environment, in full diagnostic quality, when and where needed.

In a recent study conducted by Yuan, et al., 2022*, using a multiplatform health record viewer from multiple electronic health record systems was associated with a reduced likelihood of ordering duplicate images. In this study, they used the multiplatform health record viewer, VA/DoD Joint Longitudinal Viewer (JLV), which supports the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DoD) health care providers with read-only access to patient medical records integrated from multiple sources. This retrospective cross-sectional study in fiscal year 2018 examined the relationship between providers’ use of JLV and the likelihood of ordering duplicate images.

There was a statistically significant reduction in duplicate image ordering by the providers who utilized the JLV versus those providers who did not. The duplicate imaging rates were 11.2% (34/305) and 6.1% (36/587) among the non–JLV provider and JLV provider groups, respectively. The authors suggest that investments in health information exchange systems may be an effective way to improve the quality of care and reduce adverse outcomes for patients experiencing fragmentation and discontinuity of care.

eHealth Connect® Image Exchange has been designed to integrate with all common PACS technologies and with virtually all HIE and EHR platforms, providing image-enabled clinical workflows.

Providers can view diagnostic images faster and easier using eHealth Connect® Image Exchange. With a single click, authorized HIE users can view, collaborate, compare, and import studies of interest from all connected imaging locations. eHealth Connect Image Exchange can improve the timeliness of patient care, reduce wasted health care dollars, avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation from redundant exams, and eliminate the costs of inefficient image distribution and management.

Does your organization share similar efficiency goals? Connect with our team to explore a partnership that can help you achieve that goal.

*Yuan Y, Price M, Schmidt D, Ward M, Nebeker J, Pizer S
Integrated Health Record Viewers and Reduction in Duplicate Medical Imaging: Retrospective Observational Analysis
JMIR Med Inform 2022;10(5):e32168
DOI: 10.2196/32168

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