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Expedite transplant patient care with a trusted partner

We reduce your administrative burdens by bringing together an advanced technology solution and compassionate team of experts to quickly gather and deliver critically important medical histories so your patients can quickly get back on the road to recovery.

The right partner acts as an extension of your team to help you:

  • Streamline efficiencies
  • Maximize staffing
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Drive revenue and quality of care
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Patients get care faster

Discover how to get your patients on the life-saving organs list faster. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, over one million Americans have needed an organ transplant at some point in their life – and the numbers keep climbing!

Partnering with us guarantees your patients receive faster, life-saving care as we seamlessly collect, index and deliver crucial medical histories so you can make well-informed decisions.

With complex needs and scattered records, our advanced technology platform and expert team eliminate administrative burdens, ensuring meaningful first appointments for precise diagnosis and tailored treatment planning.

Experience the benefits of eHealth Connect®


Streamline efficiencies

When a new patient is referred to your transplant program, our team of experts works seamlessly behind the scenes to provide care teams with quick access to the patient’s clinically organized medical history.


Maximize transplant staffing

Let someone else take on the administrative activities so your staff can focus on taking care of the patient.


Improve patient outcomes

Help enable your patients to be placed on the transplant “list” faster. When care teams have organized and complete medical records, they can have more productive discussions and maximize outcomes during the first appointment.


Drive revenue and quality of care

Patients who are able to be seen quickly and build trust with their providers are more likely to stay and receive the care they desperately need. Our technology provides you with quantifiable metrics that translate to reimbursement dollars. This lets you keep the revenue in-house so you can provide the same quality of care to other patients.

How we’ve helped our customers.

transplant patients helped this year
less time managing healthcare records and images
of eHealth Technologies costs are reimbursable

Case Study

Improved accuracy of medical records

“eHealth Technologies supplies one indexed file that can be readily uploaded into a patient’s medical record for the provider to access. Providers are able to search the file by certain key words to find a particular piece of data that they need, which is a huge time saver.”

Former Executive Director
Advanced Organ Management Transplant and MCS at Banner-University Medical Center, Phoenix/Tucson

Transform your patient care with eHealth Technologies

Take the next steps towards improving the patient experience and streamlining workflows. Our team of experts is ready to absorb the administrative burdens so your care team can focus on delivering superior patient care.

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