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Transforming Second Opinion Care: The Power of Medical Record Organization

March 7, 2024


Record Retrieval Solutions

The demand for second opinions in the field of Oncology is experiencing a significant uptick, largely fueled by both self-referrals and employer-based services.

A survey commissioned earlier this year by The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic and conducted by Acumen Marketing Research, found that, about 21% of initial diagnoses are incorrect, while 66% required significant modification. Due to the seriousness of critical diagnoses, patients are now more inclined to seek confirmation or explore alternative opinions regarding their condition. An astounding 71% of survey participants who have faced a significant health issue have contemplated seeking a second opinion, with a remarkable 78% expressing their eagerness to explore alternative opinions if their employer provides it as a benefit.

Employers are increasingly realizing the benefits of second opinion services. However, despite this awareness, a recent survey conducted at the Society for Human Resource Management meeting revealed that only 16% of attendees currently provide second opinion benefits, mainly through virtual platforms. By investing in a top-notch second opinion program, employers can not only alleviate financial burdens but also ensure that their employees receive the most effective and medically necessary treatments. Research shows that every dollar spent on a second opinion program can result in a $2.63 reduction in medical costs for employers. Beyond financial considerations, employers are driven by a desire to guarantee their employees receive timely and optimal care.

In today’s landscape, patients have unprecedented access to information regarding their diagnosis and potential treatment options, as well as insights into facilities well-known for their expertise in specific disease types. Making it imperative for destination facilities to be equipped to manage this influx of appointments efficiently.

One critical way a healthcare system can stand out is through its ability to quickly collect and organize medical records for clinical review. Compiling patient data can be laborious and organizing it in a manner that facilitates easy navigation for clinical teams can be even more challenging.

Imagine offering hospital clinical teams’ access to patient data in a clinically organized, specialty-focused digital format that:

  • Organizes all collected records into specific categories, with a cover sheet for seamless navigation to each medical record category.
  • Ensures that all records within each category are arranged in reverse chronological order for enhanced clarity and efficiency.
  •  Highlights key terms crucial for clinical assessment, with a searchable function for quick access.
  • Integrates seamlessly into the health system’s EMR for simultaneous access by multiple care team members.

This method of organizing patient data has the potential to completely transform the effectiveness of clinical assessments, leading to more effective care plans and productive patient appointments. Delivering data in this format meets the needs of the growing population seeking second opinions, allowing facilities to accommodate this demand without increasing staffing levels.

A concerted effort to optimize how patient data is compiled and delivered can:

  • Distinguish your facility from competitors offering similar services.
  • Expand your facility’s capacity to serve a larger number of patients.
  • Demonstrate your ability to provide high-quality care for your patients.

With nearly two decades of experience supporting clinical teams at renowned hospitals nationwide, eHealth Technologies is uniquely positioned to provide invaluable expertise in enhancing efficient and streamlined care for both patients and staff. Allow us to leverage our proven best practices to benefit your organization and prioritize the well-being of your patients.

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