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Create the care plans you need with eHealth Connect®

We have developed an advanced technology solution to provide fast and seamless access to any patient’s medical information through the collection of medical records, images, and pathology materials. We take this fragmented information and organize it into one single chronological file so physicians have the information they need to provide custom care plans for superior care in a timely manner – in a fast, easy-to-use, digital format.

We partner with healthcare facilities to:

  • Enhance operational efficiencies
  • Reduce clinical hours spent on collecting and reviewing medical information
  • Provide more productive and meaningful patient visits with better care plans
  • Increase patient throughput by providing faster access to patient records
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When we talk about impacting patient health outcomes, timing is everything.

We alleviate administrative burdens with our advanced technology and compassionate experts because we’re purpose-built for the challenges of the critically ill and support hospitals and health facilities in quickly collecting and organizing comprehensive medical histories.

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less time spent on managing medical histories and more time on care plans
healthcare facilities have let us streamline their medical record retrieval process

Case Study

#1 Transplant Hospital in South Carolina Expedites Access to Care

“Our staff is more effective. They’re able to get the patients through the process safely and efficiently. They’re also able to focus their expertise and time on direct patient care.”

Dan Stanton
Transplant Administrator, MUSC

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Simplify the complex for better patient outcomes

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When care teams are armed with the right data at the right time, they’re empowered to make confident treatment decisions to improve patient outcomes.

Our team of experts is ready to help you succeed in delivering faster, patient-centered care.