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Our patented advanced technology combines AI and a compassionate team to collect (patient authorizations, records, lab results, images, pathology materials), clinically organize and deliver requested, and actionable medical histories in a timely manner. This strategic integration leverages the evolving healthcare interoperability landscape to decrease time to treatment and allow care teams to focus on what they do best, care for patients.

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eHealth Connect® improves the care teams’ experience while helping administrators lower costs and decrease patient leakage — ultimately delivering improved patient outcomes!

We partner with healthcare systems, health information exchanges, and clinical research teams to expedite the collection of comprehensive medical histories to alleviate administrative burdens of your staff so they can focus on better patient outcomes through meaningful appointments and custom care plans.

Clinically organized, comprehensive medical histories delivered directly to EMRs, PACs, and pathology departments

“I couldn’t imagine having to do what eHealth Technologies does, PLUS my actual job – it would take so much time. It’s so easy to request records and I know I can trust the results.”

Lais Borin da Silva, Kidney Transplant Program Assistant Medical University of South Carolina

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Helping patients get on the road to recovery, faster

The top hospitals trust eHealth Technologies to collect their patients' medical records, images, and pathology materials securely and compliantly to support meaningful appointments and provide better patient care. Why not you, too?