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Minimize administrative burdens with the leading medical and image retrieval solution

We help healthcare systems, health information exchanges, and clinical research organizations simplify the complexities of managing disparate records.

Our advanced healthcare technology backed by our compassionate team of experts transforms fragmented patient data and puts it into a readable, accurate, and clinically organized file that allows care teams the ability to quickly search and find the medical information they need at precisely the time they need it.

This reduces administrative burdens and allows them to focus on analyzing a patient’s medical history to uncover big-picture insights and make informed decisions to develop treatment plans that get patients on the road to recovery faster.

What solution is right for you?

Our solutions help specialists in all fields deliver faster, better, and more reliable care when patients need it most.

  • eHealth Connect® for Healthcare Systems

    Provides fast and seamless access to any patient’s medical information through the collection of medical records, test results, and images. Our advanced technology solution takes fragmented information and clinically organizes it into one customizable file, so physicians have the information they need to provide custom care plans for superior care in a timely manner – in a fast, easy-to-use, digital format.

    Medical Record Retrieval Solution
  • eHealth Connect® for Health Information Exchanges

    Connects health information exchange users and physicians to image studies and results with our advanced technology, ensuring your care teams can make clinically informed decisions with instant access to view patient images and collaborate.

    Image Exchange Solution
  • eHealth Connect® for Clinical Research

    With our advanced clinical research technology, physicians have complete medical histories at their fingertips to make informed decisions and assessments quickly.

    Clinical Research Solution

Case Study

Henry Ford Health System

“With eHealth Connect, we have virtually eliminated delays caused by gathering essential records, so teams from multiple specialties can collaborate more quickly on a treatment plan. Their technology helps to foster stronger bonds between our patients and physicians.”

Henry Ford Health Systems, Cancer

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Provide meaningful patient appointments with eHealth Connect®

Take the next step towards transforming your organization.

When physicians are armed with the right information, in the right place, at the right time, they’re empowered to make confident treatment decisions to improve patient outcomes.

Our team of experts is ready to help you succeed in delivering faster, patient-centered care.