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One Proven Way to Reduce Patient Leakage

March 22, 2023


eHealth Company

Healthcare systems everywhere are analyzing, creating committees, and making plans to directly target one of healthcare’s most costly problems: patient – or some say revenue – leakage.

In fact, a 2022 report from ABOUT health care shows that preventing patient leakage could boost hospital revenue by 17%. For most hospitals this means millions and millions of increased revenue if this mystery is solved.

A recent CHIME-Cerner survey found that 40 percent of providers lose at least 10 percent of their revenue from leakage.

For us, however, this means a patient that was diagnosed with a frightening disease was referred to a specialist, but the specialist was not prepared fast enough to make that appointment for the patient, and the patient was left to keep searching.

These stories are becoming all too common. The bottom line is not lost revenue, but a patient who’s potentially lifesaving, if not life-changing treatment, was unnecessarily delayed. Thank goodness you don’t have to make an appointment with your local fire department to put out a fire!

We have a solution. Let’s make life easier for patients, and our hard-working healthcare staff.
It has to be a primary health care goal to get patients treated as quickly as possible. Scratch that – it should be the standard.

Your medical records (or medical chart) should not be a barrier to care.

Imagine these real-life scenarios, in the shoes of one of your patients:
1) The specialist you were referred to says they will reach out once they have all your medical records in place, leaving you to essentially do the work.

2) The specialist provides you with an appointment date, stating that they will have all your records to review prior to seeing you.

Which one would you choose?

Our experience shows us that patients who don’t have to fetch and hunt down their own data from different healthcare systems stay longer with providers.
Patients who are able to be seen quickly are more likely to stay with their new provider. The patient and physician have a better opportunity to build rapport, generate trust, and receive the health care that they need. Our advanced technology fast-tracks extreme workloads associated with personalized data collection. We create the systems and processes, so providers have key patient data mapped correctly, from one organization to the next.

At the end of the day, the physician should be able to review a patient’s chart and images to have a clear picture of their history so a path forward can be created, with confidence.

Your specialists and providers need to be equipped with complete easy-to-read and summarized medical records – this can be your biggest competitive advantage.
Once we deliver your patient’s data, you’ll find it’s fully summarized, clinically organized, and ready for review. Health care decisions can then be made based on complete and precise data, without the burden of spending hours of administrative time sifting through clutter, or – even worse – wasting time and money reviewing duplicative entries.

Let eHealth Technologies be your trusted partner.
Let our dedicated, compassionate, and talented team absorb the extreme administrative burden of chart collection and indexing so that your experts can be experts and deliver superior care to their patients, without missing a beat.

Every patient deserves faster access to care

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