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Streamline Clinical Processes by Partnering with a Medical Record Retrieval Company

September 19, 2023


Record Retrieval Solutions

Hospital-based Health Information Management (HIM) teams play a critical role in ensuring accurate and efficient management of patient medical records, among other duties. They can also save their organizations money by standardizing medical record requests across their network.

Here’s how:

Reallocating time on core competencies.
HIM teams have multiple responsibilities, from coding and billing to compliance and data analysis. By partnering with a trusted vendor like eHealth Technologies, hospitals can offload the burden of record retrieval tasks, allowing HIM teams to focus their time and resources more appropriately — to projects that improve patient care or generate revenue. This collaboration ensures that professionals with expertise in managing medical records handle the retrieval process, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and timely delivery. By concentrating on core competencies, HIM teams improve efficiency.

Reducing overall operational costs.
Operating an efficient and comprehensive medical record retrieval system in-house can be costly. Requestable information varies from entire medical records to lab results, medical histories, discharge summaries, consult reports, physician orders, and others. Combine that with the different formats in which this information can be released – pick up in-person, mailed, faxed, emailed, provided on a CD, given through an online patient portal, etc. As a leader in its field, eHealth Technologies is equipped to navigate this process smoothly and efficiently. By outsourcing this function, hospitals will benefit from cost savings in terms of infrastructure, staffing, and technology investments. We leverage our expertise to streamline and formalize this process seamlessly. HIM teams can benefit from faster access to medical records, reduction in scanning volumes and minimizing delays in patient care and decision-making. Additionally, we have pricing models that are predictable, offering HIM teams a better way to manage their budgets and allocate resources more effectively without impact from flexing volumes.

Standardizing and organization of records.
Managing medical records from different sources is challenging, especially when records arrive in various formats. Standardizing the requests across the network eliminates the need for HIM teams to manage multiple processes and formats and can eliminate duplication of work – such as duplicate testing – and streamline overall workflow across multiple specialties. By partnering with eHealth Technologies, HIM teams can establish a centralized system for requesting records, ensuring consistency across different healthcare providers. Furthermore, advanced technologies and data management systems are used to digitize, categorize, index, and deliver the right medical records directly into the patient’s chart  for ease of navigation and access. . This standardized approach significantly improves the efficiency of HIM teams, as they can quickly locate and analyze information, enhancing clinical decision-making.

Adapting to change.
eHealth Technologies offers a level of flexibility that hospitals have been benefiting from for years. Sometimes there are fluctuations in the quantity and type of medical record requests, such as during audits, legal proceedings, or research projects. Partnering with medical record retrieval specialists provides hospitals with scalability and flexibility to meet these varying demands, with the resources and expertise to handle large-scale requests while adapting to changing requirements and delivering results within tight deadlines. HIM teams can instead focus on supporting high-quality care, knowing that the retrieval process can scale up or down as needed.

In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, partnering with an external medical record retrieval company can revolutionize clinical processes and lead to improved efficiencies. By leveraging our expertise:

  • Your clinicians will have easy access to clinically organized medical histories with key data at their fingertips.
  • Your system will save patients from duplicate testing because previous results are available prior to a patient’s visit.
  • Your administrative burdens will be reduced significantly.

Ultimately, finding a trusted partner allows HIM professionals to concentrate on their core responsibilities which contributes to better patient care, informed decision-making, and improved clinical processes overall.

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