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eHealth Connect® helps organizations like yours reduce the cost of accessing images needed for the treatment of acute medical conditions such as cancer and heart disease, and improve the speed and quality of care delivery for stroke, trauma, and other conditions requiring emergent care.

eHealth Technologies can help your organization improve the quality of patient care with easy access to medical images from across organizations to help you:

  • Minimize delays in patient care by sharing images electronically
  • Eliminate the cost associated with burning and mailing images on CD
  • Eliminate delays associated with incompatible image formats
Health information exchanges that get easy access to view, manipulate, compare, and transfer medical images with us.

Increase HIE utilization



With a single click, care teams can view images or transfer them directly into PACS.


Specialists can view images for emergent care without waiting for the radiology report.

Cost reduction

Images available via HIE eliminate the costs of preparing and transporting physical media and reduce the need for repeat tests.

Seamlessly integrate with eHealth Connect®

We provide you with a dedicated team member that will help your HIE get up and running with a streamlined, comprehensive solution to minimize patient care delays and provide you with easy access to medical images from across organizations.

How it works

  • Real-time collaboration

    HIE Providers can collaborate with other providers in real-time with a single click from the eHealthViewer by initiating a screen-sharing consultation session.

  • Community-wide imaging

    Worklist View and compare imaging studies from different locations. Radiologists, cardiologists, as well as other “image intensive” HIE users, can sort and view one or more imaging studies from different imaging provider locations in a common eHealthViewer viewing session.

  • Transfer-to-PACS

    Transfer external imaging studies directly to a local PACS. Radiologists, cardiologists, and other clinicians often need to make prior imaging studies accessible from their local PACS in order to properly diagnose and treat complex conditions. Image Exchange accomplishes this transfer without relying on physical media, all from the HIE user interface.

  • Emergent workflow

    Share emergent imaging studies with users across the community. Imaging providers can initiate real-time, life-saving imaging consultations with specialists. This includes situations such as stroke or trauma, when a quick second opinion is needed, when a specialist is not available, or in preparation for transferring a critical emergency patient to an advanced care facility.

  • Automated imaging workflow

    Automatically identify and retrieve external images from every connected facility across the community. Images are delivered to a local PACS or imaging system in advance of when they are needed with no time and labor required. This solution eliminates virtually ALL manual steps required to obtain prior images, helping clinicians provide faster treatment.

Configurations tailored to your organizations needs

At eHealth Technologies, we understand the unique requirements of your department, office, or hospital group. That's why we offer a diverse range of configurations designed specifically for you.

Intelligent Clinical Record

With our Intelligent Clinical Record, clinicians can quickly and easily navigate thousands of pages of comprehensive medical histories to identify the most important information they need to create treatment plans to get their patients on the road to recovery quickly.

Streamlined Integrations

With our Streamlined Integrations Record, provide clinicians with easy-to-navigate medical records that saves them hours per day on care planning. Our technology was developed to integrate directly with any system and workflow to efficiently deliver clinically organized medical histories directly to EMRs and pathology departments.

Concierge Services

With Concierge Services, patients work directly with our professional and compassionate team to streamline key patient intake tasks, including the collection of medical histories, images and pathology reports to help save time, improve the patient experience.

Clinical Trial Pre-Screening

Case Study

Saving Time, Saving Lives: CRISP Pioneers Emergent Workflow for Stroke Care

“CRISP’s utilization of emergent imaging workflow for its stroke network is extraordinary. This new approach is poised to quickly become a national model.”

Executive Vice President & General Manager
HIE Solutions, eHealth Technologies

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Transform care in your community

Our blend of experience combining medical records, imaging, and health information exchanges gives us a unique insight into the workflows that need to be supported to truly meet the need for delivering more effective, efficient healthcare.