Streamline external record and image collection, engage referring physicians, and get insight into the full continuum of care for your patients.


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Are you seeing patients and all you have is an empty folder?

Empty Folder Syndrome
It is real, and it affects patient care

Cure Empty Folder Syndrome by ensuring you have all the relevant patient medical history, organized how you like it and within your own systems, prior to the patient’s first appointment. You can increase patient satisfaction and decrease the time necessary to treat each patient.

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Worried about referral leakage?

eHealth Connect® Referral Pathways
Plug the leakage while improving patient care and increasing new patient referrals

A suite of services tailor branded and customized to meet the needs of your enterprise. Engage with referring and treating physicians throughout the entire patient care process and ensure everyone is coordinating patient care effectively, all while receiving business intelligence and analytics on the full process.

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Having problems understanding your referral business?

eHealth Connect® Insight
What you need to create a more effective referral network

With simple to use in-depth information, Insight provides what you need to understand the impact of your marketing and educational campaigns, which allows you to know when action is needed.

Can’t wait for the medical images you need for patient care?

eHealth Connect® Image Exchange
You can get the images you need immediately, through your Health Information Exchange

No more frustrations with trying to load images from CDs, or trying to figure out where in the cloud your patient’s images might be. Get all images available for your patient, from wherever they might be, right when you need them, in full-diagnostic quality, with no application to install.


Built to fill the gaps in patient care

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eHealth Connect® Referral Pathways has been built to streamline care transitions. EMR vendors today are not effectively addressing the needs of outside treating and referring physicians. eHealth Technologies fills the gap with a solution that is secure, HIPAA compliant, interoperates with your EMR, and smooths the way for care transitions.




Referral Network Analytics


Visualize your referral business in a whole new way. Business intelligence and analytics on the entire referral process, with the ability to view the way you want, and export into your own analytics environment.

Medical Records Retrieval


Receive out-of-network records and images to fill a patient's empty folder prior to first appointment. We Deliver them directly into your EMR with SmartDoc Indexing.

Increase Physician Referrals


A suite of services including the Referral Gateway to receive new patient referrals, and Physician Connector to be sure outside referring and treating physicians get the information they need for their patients.



Sharing images the way it is supposed to work with immediate access when you need the images, all built into your Health Information Exchange or sent directly to your EMR.

Streamlining transitions of care for over 9 years

eHealth Technologies™ is improving continuity of care for more than half of America's top 100 hospitals and leading HIEs. Our solutions improve, expedite, and provide analytics on the entire patient referral process, streamlining referring physician communication and providing clinicians with any external medical record and image from within their workflow—simply and securely.


Trusted by over 50% of the nation's top 100 hospitals.


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