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eHealth Technologies to exhibit at the Oncology Nursing Society’s Signature Conference (The ONS Congress) in San Antonio, TX

April 20, 2023

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eHealth Company

The annual event provides five days of the comprehensive learning for nursing practices focused specifically on the management and cure of cancer

Rochester, N.Y., April 20, 2023 – eHealth Technologies, a leading health care technology company, is pleased to host and exhibit at the 48th Annual ONS Congress this month. This year’s congress takes place at the convention center in San Antonio, TX.

“This gathering is important to us since it brings together our nation’s oncology nurses and nurse leaders, perhaps the most critical stakeholders at the front lines of cancer care in our communities,” said Dan Torrens, CEO, eHealth Technologies.

“The ONS is a 35,000-member professional association committed to the transformation of cancer care and promoting excellence in oncologic nursing,” said Michelle Donowsky, Director of Clinical Optimization, eHealth Technologies. “We couldn’t be more pleased to support ONS and oncologic nurses who make a difference every single day they go to work.”

More importantly, ONS this week announced a call to action for every organization and individual to help achieve the Cancer Moonshot Initiative to end cancer as we know it. And staying up to date with the latest advances in cancer care is critical to the success of the mission. As an organization steeped in the health care ecosystem, we wholeheartedly support this call to action. For these reasons, this is a must-attend conference.

eHealth Technologies plays a major role in the nation’s health care system, enabling nurses and front-line clinicians to have a clearer picture of their patients’ medical histories and their conditions through aggressive aggregating and organizing of charts, medical records, and images, faster and far beyond what any existing electronic medical record (EMR/EHR) system can do.

Conference attendees interested in connecting with eHealth Technologies are encouraged to visit our booth 1323 or click here to schedule a meeting.


eHealth Technologies is a leading health care technology company that advances the delivery of life-altering care.

We do this by quickly gathering and organizing medical histories for patients who need immediate help so that they can have a meaningful first appointment and get back on the road to recovery.

Our team of experts takes great pride in working behind the scenes to help millions of patients benefit from faster access to lifesaving medical services ranging from cancer care to organ transplants to emergency care.

We have helped over 2.5 million patients and continue to make a difference in hundreds of thousands of lives every year and are proud to be trusted by the top health systems throughout the United States.


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