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Newsweek Selects eHealth Technologies as One of the World’s Best Digital Health Companies

May 2, 2024

Press Release

eHealth Company

Pittsburgh, PA, May 2, 2024 – eHealth Technologies, a leading healthcare technology company that advances the delivery of life-altering care, has been named by Newsweek as one of World’s Best Digital Health Companies in medical record management.

Newsweek’s inaugural ranking of the World’s Best Digital Health Companies winners emerged through a rigorous evaluation process across seven distinct market segments: Data Analytics, Diagnostics, Health Records, Medical Management, Prevention, Telehealth, and Treatment.

The top list is based off three fundamental pillars.

  • Financial Performance: Statista analyzed financial data from diverse sources including annual reports, company websites, media outlets, and databases. Additionally, companies were afforded the opportunity to furnish data through an online application accessible via, ensuring a comprehensive overview.
  • Impact: was evaluated through a collaboration between Statista and HolonIQ, a leading data and market intelligence firm. This assessment researched multiple dimensions of impact, from appraising factors such as the excellence and uniqueness of the product/service offered, as well as the proficiency demonstrated by the leadership team.
  • Online Engagement: Statista analyzed traffic data from company websites and apps to assess the engagement of users with their product/service.

This multidimensional approach ensured a holistic assessment, culminating in the recognition of outstanding performers across various segments.

“eHealth Technologies is honored to be recognized by Newsweek as one of the World’s Best Digital Health Companies,” said Dan Torrens, CEO of eHealth Technologies. “This recognition validates the importance of having eHealth Connect® combine our patented advanced technology with embedded AI and a compassionate team to help our customers decrease time to treatment and gives them the ability to focus on what they do best — care for patients.”

“I’m very proud of the innovative work that the product team is doing with eHealth Connect to ensure clinical teams across the country have timely access to requested and actionable medical histories so that their patients can have meaningful initial appointments,” added Torrens.

About eHealth Technologies
eHealth Technologies is a leading healthcare technology company that advances the delivery of life-altering care, specializing in continuity of care for critically ill patients. Through our advanced technology solution, eHealth Connect®, we collect, organize, and deliver complete medical histories, enhancing the clinician experience and improving health outcomes.

With a commitment to empowering healthcare providers with innovative tools and solutions, eHealth Technologies supports 80 percent of the Top US News and World Report Hospitals. Our dedicated team of experts take great pride in working behind the scenes to help millions of patients benefit from expedited access to lifesaving medical services ranging from cancer care to organ transplants to emergency care.

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Cara Bowen
Marketing Director
eHealth Technologies

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