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eHealth Technologies to attend HLTH 2023 in Las Vegas

October 6, 2023

Press Release

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Rochester, N.Y., October 6, 2023 – eHealth Technologies is pleased to announce that CEO Dan Torrens and Board Member Matt Lowen, also Vice President at Aldrich Capital Partners, will be attending the upcoming HLTH 2023 conference in Las Vegas (October 8-11). This highly anticipated event is recognized as healthcare’s premier innovation gathering, bringing together senior executives, decision-makers, researchers, visionaries, and even disruptive startups, from across the health spectrum.

As a leader in the healthcare technology industry, Dan Torrens recognizes the immense value of HLTH 2023 for the ecosystem as a whole. The event provides a unique platform for showcasing ideas and groundbreaking products that have the potential to transform the entire health landscape. With a diverse range of participants, including individuals and companies of all sizes, HLTH 2023 promises to be an unparalleled opportunity for networking and community collaborations.

“I am thrilled to be attending HLTH 2023,” said Torrens. “This event represents a convergence of some of the most influential voices in the health industry. It is an ideal forum for sharing insights, exploring emerging trends, and forging meaningful partnerships.”

HLTH 2023 will feature an extensive lineup of speakers, including renowned experts and thought leaders. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into the latest trends and developments shaping the future of healthcare.

eHealth Technologies plays a major role in the nations’ health technology space, enabling clinicians to have a comprehensive picture of their patients, and their conditions, through the aggregation and organization of medical records, images, and pathology materials faster and far beyond what any existing electronic medical record (EMR/EHR) system can do.

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eHealth Technologies is a leading healthcare technology company that advances the delivery of life-altering care.

We do this by expediting the collection of medical records, images, and pathology materials to help patients avoid duplicate testing and allow clinicians to create comprehensive care plans that get their patients on the road to recovery, quickly.

Our team of experts take great pride in working behind the scenes to help millions of patients benefit from faster access to lifesaving medical services ranging from cancer care to organ transplants to emergency care.

We have helped over 2.5 million patients and continue to make a difference in hundreds of thousands of lives every year and are proud to be trusted by the top health systems throughout the United States.


Every patient deserves faster access to care

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