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eHealth Technologies Announces Expansion in Virginia

Rochester, N.Y., December 10, 2020 – eHealth Technologies, the leading provider of medical record/image retrieval and clinical intelligence services, is excited to announce it will open a site in the State of Virginia in 2021. With this expansion, eHealth Technologies will hire 160 new employees over five years, diversifying its operations and strengthening customer support through replication of its network and redundancy of systems.

Virginia Working with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), eHealth Technologies is securing a move-in ready facility in Scott County. Located in Southwestern Virginia’s e-Region, the area boasts state-of-the-art broadband infrastructure, an outstanding labor force, and a low-cost business environment.

Diversification and repetition of network systems, workforce and operations services allows eHealth Technologies to continue to grow and maintain a competitive advantage in the health information technology industry. By expanding to Virginia, eHealth Technologies is able to access a very highly trained workforce enabling us to continue to grow while providing a mirrored facility for enhanced security and reliability to clients.

Nearby Mountain Empire Community College (MECC) will provide training and recruitment of potential employees.

“We’re thrilled to be moving forward with this expansion into Virginia where we are able to access a very motivated and talented workforce through an almost turnkey solution from an infrastructure perspective,” said Jeff Markin, CEO, eHealth Technologies. “We’ve enjoyed working with the VEDP team who has delivered on all of our needs allowing us to move very quickly with a win-win solution for our clients and their patients. Enhancing the reliability of services for our customers and their critically-ill patients is of the utmost importance to our team,” said Markin.

Today, eHealth Technologies has nearly 300 employees at its Rochester headquarters and approximately 90 team members in Hyderabad, India. eHealth Technologies has seen significant growth since its nearly 15 years in operation and expects to double its size in the next three years through investments in sales, technology and product development.

“eHealth Technologies fills an important role in the continuum of care that helps patients gain faster access to life-saving treatment and complex surgeries,” says Mirza Baig, Managing Partner, Aldrich Capital Partners (ACP). “We remain committed to supporting businesses, and communities, based in geographies outside traditional ‘investment hot-spots’ and this investment by eHealth Technologies into Southwest Virginia continues that mission.”

In March 2019, eHealth Technologies announced a $41 million investment made by ACP to support eHealth’s growth and development.

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About eHealth Technologies

eHealth Technologies is the leading provider of clinical information services for aggregation of health care data and image-enabled Health Information Exchange (HIE). With customers across the country, eHealth Technologies works with prominent HIEs throughout the US and over half of the nation’s top 100 hospitals, including 17 of the top 20 U.S. News & World Report Honor Roll Hospitals for 2020-2021. The company’s eHealth Connect® solutions enhance patient and physician satisfaction by streamlining care transitions and assuring physicians have the right information to care for their patients. eHealth Connect® Image Exchange enables HIE subscribers access to full diagnostic quality medical records in the context of the patient record.  Visit Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Aldrich Capital Partners

Aldrich Capital Partners supports disruptive innovation in health care IT, fintech, and application software by investing equity capital in privately held growing companies. Founded by experienced investors and operators, who were also successful entrepreneurs, the founders of Aldrich Capital have been responsible for over $1 billion in technology investments since 1999. Both an operations partner and board-level advisor, ACP brings its portfolio companies strategic insight and access to a broad network of relationships built over 50 combined years of entrepreneurship and investing. Aldrich Capital Partners was founded in 2014 and has offices in Silicon Valley and the Washington, DC metro area.


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