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N1X10 and eHealth Technologies™ Partner to Empower Cancer Patients with Medical Data Needed to Overcome the Limitations of Standard Care

June 21, 2022

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Choosing the right treatment path requires a global view of options and the retrieving of patient data from local silos – this partnership makes that possible.

Rochester, N.Y., June 21, 2022N1X10, a company dedicated to empowering patients to actively fight cancer by partnering with oncology professionals, has joined eHealth Technologies to retrieve and transform massive amounts of medical data.

External medical records can sometimes involve hundreds of pages of information for clinicians to review. With eHealth Technologies, records are retrieved, clinically organized, and indexed so care teams can identify the most pertinent information necessary to develop an appropriate care plan, and educate the patient based on their needs and preferences. Patients, clinicians, and oncology professionals experience significant time savings when the right medical data is presented at the right time to the right stakeholders, enabling collaborative decision making to lead to better outcomes.

“Our partnership with eHealth Technologies is vital for our organization, allowing us to implement a unique concierge service for our clients,” said Alli Avishai, CEO, N1X10. “Our clients come to us because they want to overcome the limitations of standard care with a personalized oncology advocacy service that puts their needs and preferences at the center of their treatment education – they want to be heard and they want to quickly understand all their options.”

“eHealth Technologies is excited to be partnering with N1X10,” said Michelle Donowsky, Executive Director of Clinical Optimization, eHealth Technologies. “Our teams are dedicated to expediting the retrieval of external medical records and clinically organizing all of the information to streamline N1X10’s process in preparation for educating and empowering patients. Without having all of a patient’s previous medical history available in a timely fashion, it would not be possible to effectively assess and educate the patient on their treatment options and potential for positive outcomes.”


About eHealth Technologies™

eHealth Technologies is a leading health care technology company that advances the delivery of life-altering care.

We help to provide fast and seamless access to health care for patients by collecting medical records, test results, and images and organizing them so that physicians have the information they need to provide superior care in a timely manner – in a fast, easy-to-use, digital format.

Our team members take great pride in working behind the scenes to help millions of patients benefit from faster access to lifesaving medical services ranging from cancer care to organ transplants to emergency care.

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About N1X10

N1X10 offers the world’s most advanced personalized oncology advocacy service for cancer patients. We educate you and empower you to overcome the limitations of standard care, and our global market network connects you to cancer professionals offering their services powered by our proprietary technology and methodology.

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