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Milestone Reached: Sharing Over Four Million Image Exams

eHT is now sharing over 4 million patient exams a year through its eHealth Image Exchange. eHealth Image Exchange has been adopted by 10 Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), in numerous states across the country. By the end of the year, eHGT expects that number to increase to sharing over 12 million patient exams a year.

eHGT’s Image Exchange service was recently honored by the Rochester Business Journal (RBJ) 2012 Health Care Achievement Award in the Innovation category. This service provides instant access to full-resolution diagnostic-quality images anytime, from anywhere they are needed, within the context of the full patient record as provided by an HIE, enabling medical professionals to provide faster diagnosis and treatment. This service further supports the proposed imaging requirements in Meaningful Use Stage 2.

eHGT’s eHealth Referral Management Solution is continuing its impressive growth as well. eHGT provides referral management and record, image and pathology retrieval services to over 100 clinical departments representing over 50% of the top 100 hospitals in the U.S. and has experienced 113% growth in volume of requests in the last 15 months. eHGT’s growth has been so substantial that their employee base has increased 110% from 1st quarter 2011. eHGT streamlines transitions of care by combining state-of-the-art technology, best practices, and secure services to digitally connect relevant medical records and diagnostic images to clinicians that need timely access.

Recently an independent survey measured eHGT’s customer satisfaction for seven specific areas, including ease of use, time it takes to retrieve records, communication effectiveness, competency, helpfulness, and quality of follow-up. An astounding 97% of the respondents ranked these areas “outstanding” and “good”. The results demonstrate the extraordinary emphasis eHGT places in the satisfaction of its customers. eHealth RMS transforms the ordeal of tracking down referral care records, which can often drag on for weeks, into a quick, simple turnkey service that can be obtained with a click of a mouse.

“Our commitment is to provide the best possible services for the coordination of patient care, by leveraging the best possible technology and the best possible people,” stated Michael Margiotta, eHGT’s chief executive officer. “We are expanding, hiring new talent, and further developing platforms for our clients. We are excited about our growth, and are energized by the continuing acceleration of our business, as more and more healthcare institutions learn about the value we deliver,” he added.

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