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Inova Health System Simplifies Their Referral Process

Inova Health System’s simplifies their referral process; improving timeliness of patient referral appointments, staff efficiency and data accuracy while reducing costs

eHealth Global Technologies, Inc. continues to improve the process of integrating external medical records and imaging into referral patient workflow, more cost effectively and efficiently while improving the coordination of care for all patients transitioning to a new facility. The new eHealth Referral Management Solution (RMS) gathers patient records not generated within the system and delivers them in a digital format, incorporating an automated communication and reporting stream with the referring physician population. Inova Health System’s transplant department is one of eHGT’s first customers to deploy eHealth RMS.

“eHealth RMS enables cost effective web-based management of new patient referrals, while seamlessly integrating referred patient information into hospital information (EMR) and scheduling systems,” stated Tim Fischer, executive vice president of sales and marketing at eHGT. “This solution leverages a unified environment for managing fax, phone and electronic orders, while managing all related patient documents and images in a patient-centric, easy-to-use web interface. Our customers will appreciate how the workflow is built in making collaboration on new patient referrals for the entire care team, much easier.”

“eHealth RMS has been successfully launched at Inova Transplant Center in Falls Church, VA. The system allows our clinical and clerical staff the ability to seamlessly request and view outside medical records and quality diagnostic images for pathology and radiology over a secure internet connection, anywhere in the world,” stated Adam Rabinowitz, Sr. Database Administrator. “The user friendly interface, “real-time” integration with our transplant database, and intuitive design of RMS have streamlined our processes and allowed us to spend more time caring for our patients.”

eHealth RMS includes the ability to provide automated communication to the referring physicians and management reports to the hospitals. Communication back to the referring physician can be automated through customizable triggers, ensuring the referral base is updated quickly on the status of their patients – saving valuable staff time, eliminating faxes, enabling patients to be seen faster and driving direct marketing for the referral base.

Real-time customizable management reports provide insight into who is referring patients and the value of each referral, for easier direct marketing. With eHealth RMS care teams can automatically route reports, information, status updates and send confirmations to the referring physician.

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