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eHealth Technologies Unveils Automated Workflow Innovation at SHIEC

Rochester, NY—August 19, 2019—eHealth Technologies, the leading provider of image-enabled HIE solutions, announced today at the annual 2019 Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC) conference its release of an innovative technology that makes it possible for clinicians to have immediate and automatic access to prior medical images. Through the groundbreaking development of eHealth Connect® Image Exchange Automated Imaging Workflow, all external, relevant images from connected facilities can be made available immediately in a local PACS or imaging system when a patient is scheduled or presents for treatment. This new advancement is the first of its kind to make images available to clinicians, radiologists, and specialists prior to a patient’s appointment without the need for staff to spend time gathering them.

Most hospitals and other care settings have staff who dedicate hours a day to finding medical images for scheduled patients. Implementing Automated Imaging Workflow eliminates the need for nurses, clinicians and staff to gather, import and sort through image studies. This efficient, comprehensive and accurate service eliminates all manual steps, and delivery can be initiated when a patient is scheduled or presents in an emergency situation.

eHealth Technologies’ Automated Imaging Workflow is an extension of its existing services, eHealth Connect Image Exchange.

Benefits of Automated Imaging Workflow include:

  • Immediate access: Clinicians have access to relevant, external imaging studies that are automatically delivered into a local PACS or imaging system
  • No manual steps: Eliminate the burden on staff to spend hours a day locating, gathering and importing medical images
  • Comprehensive records: Delays and gaps in care from missing images and repeated tests as are reduced as patients have more comprehensive records available at the point of care
  • Fully reconciled record: Trusted accuracy of fully reconciled records, based on key patient identifiers
  • Increased satisfaction: Patient and staff satisfaction is increased as clinicians and providers when they have more time for patient care

“Automated Imaging Workflow is a technological development like no other that offers an unprecedented benefit to its users,” says Gary Larson, executive vice president and general manager of HIE solutions for eHealth Technologies. “This new service creates a truly automated environment where locating and delivering prior medical images can be accomplished without any manual steps. The impact of this service will be an incredible asset to its users.”

Contact eHealth Technologies to learn more or request a demo and learn how easy it is to implement Automated Imaging Workflow with eHealth Connect Image Exchange. Call (877) 344-8999 or visit SHIEC conference attendees can stop by Booth 107 to learn more.

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eHealth Technologies is the leading provider of image-enabled Health Information Exchange (HIE) and medical record retrieval and organization services. With customers across the country, eHealth Technologies works with prominent HIEs throughout the US and top-ranked hospitals, including 16 of the 20 U.S. News & World Report Honor Roll Hospitals for 2018-2019. eHealth Connect® Image Exchange enables HIE subscribers access to full diagnostic quality medical records in the context of the patient record.  The company’s eHealth Connect® solutions enhance patient and physician satisfaction by streamlining care transitions and assuring physicians have the right information to care for their patients. Visit www. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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