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eHealth Technologies Fulfills Over 500,000 Health Record Aggregation Requests for U.S. Hospitals

eHealth Technologies continues its growth as the leading provider of referral solutions

Rochester, NY, August 4, 2015 –eHealth Technologies, the leading provider of referral solutions, announced today they have successfully fulfilled over a half million record aggregation requests utilizing its eHealth Connect Intelligent Health Record Aggregation platform.

The platform allows clinical and administrative staff at hospital departments and specialty centers to easily request outside health information needed for their referred patients. eHealth Technologies ensures complete, intelligently organized medical records and images from multiple sources are consolidated and delivered to the facility’s EMR or PACS within 3 to 5 days on average, and often within hours. Using the platform, health systems can deliver timely and clinically appropriate treatment to each referred patient.

“Our products and solutions center around the Clinically Informed Referral. With this vision, we break down the barriers to interoperability, and help our customers deliver the information clinicians need to provide better care to over half a million patients nationwide. We make sure the patient’s records are available and intelligently organized prior to their first visit so the clinician and patient can have a more meaningful appointment,” said Ken Rosenfeld, eHealth Technologies Chief Executive Officer. “We have further developed our platform to deliver a consolidated medical record that can be presented to the treating physician with a custom, clinically relevant menu so they can easily navigate the record and access only the information they need.”

As healthcare consumerism grows, patients will continue to shop their care and choose providers that can deliver fast, convenient, and informed care. eHealth Technologies’ Intelligent Health Record Aggregation platform helps hospitals achieve this goal by removing the burden of external record collection from the hospital staff or patient allowing them to focus on the treatment plan. Instead of spending hours or days collecting records, the hospital staff can spend minutes submitting a record collection request electronically to eHealth Technologies’ Customer Operations Center thus improving staff efficiency and job.  Additionally, clinicians do not have to spend hours finding the right information in the health record or asking patients to repeat their medical history since they have easy access to the needed relevant information.  The result is a positive initial experience with the treating facility for the referred patient.

eHealth Technologies

eHealth Technologies is the leading provider of referral solutions, serving over half of the nation’s top 100 hospitals, including 10 of the top 16 U.S. News & World Report Honor Roll Hospitals for 2015-2016, and leading HIEs across the US. The company’s eHealth Connect® solutions enhance patient and physician satisfaction by streamlining care transitions and assuring physicians have the right information to care for their patients. eHealth Connect® Image Exchange enables HIE subscribers access to  full diagnostic quality medical records in the context of the patient record and supports the ability for providers to meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements.  Visit www. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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