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eHealth Technologies and Client Outlook Announce Partnership

One-click access to diagnostic quality images; now available in all eHealth Technologies’ solutions

NEW YORK, February 21, 2013 – eHealth Technologies and Client Outlook Inc. announced today, full availability of eHealthViewer® ZF, a new generation image viewing platform for eHealth Connect®, a suite of solutions offered by eHealth Technologies. eHealthViewer® ZF utilizes Client Outlooks eUnity™ platform to improve continuity of care by connecting the healthcare continuum to provide healthcare professionals with access to any external diagnostic quality image, when and where it is needed.

eHealthViewer® ZF is a web-based, zero footprint image viewing platform that allows any user to view diagnostic quality medical images securely, with a single click from their existing workflow.

“We have been delighted to work with Client Outlook’s innovative team to provide what we believe to be the most advanced medical image viewing technology for image sharing today,” stated Ken Rosenfeld, President and CTO for eHealth Technologies. “With this solution, any patient image can be viewed with a single click from any health information exchange (HIE) or electronic medical record (EMR), eliminating common problems such as lost images and films, non-viewable CDs, and large file transfers. Our ability to rapidly deploy to new customers and upgrade existing users has been greatly enhanced as the eHealthViewer® ZF operates on all browsers, and requires no client application installation. The interface offers powerful image manipulation tools, yet is so intuitive; clinicians can use it without any training.”

eHealthViewer® ZF is the latest in a series of advances that have been made available to healthcare organizations and their users who are seeking a unified, diagnostic quality image viewing platform, to enhance the speed and quality of care.

“eHealth Technologies is the leading provider of continuity of care solutions – providing external medical record and image exchange services to many of America’s top hospitals and successful HIEs,” says Client Outlook EVP, Brenda Rankin. “Nearly 10% of every healthcare dollar is spent on imaging. Our two companies are working closely together to deliver new and innovative imaging capabilities so that healthcare practitioners have instant access to those images as part of their patients’ medical record. The solution’s new ‘collaboration’ feature allows multiple authorized caregivers to simultaneously view and manipulate medical images, leading to more rapid and effective consultations, faster 2nd opinions and remote reads, which will reduce redundant exams.”

About eHealth Technologies™
eHealth Technologies is a leading provider of continuity of care solutions, serving leading health information exchanges (HIEs) and over half of the nation’s top 100 hospitals, including 12 of the top 17 U.S. News & World Report Honor roll Hospitals for 2012-2013. The company’s eHealth Connect® offering enhances patient and physician satisfaction by streamlining transitions of care, and by providing the right patient information – when and where it is needed. Visit www.

About Client Outlook
Client Outlook is a healthcare company, first, a technology company second. Driven by our own personal healthcare experiences, we challenge ourselves every day to develop and deliver the most practical, useful and secure clinical mobility solutions for physicians and frontline healthcare professionals – right where healthcare happens. For more information about our company and our eUnity™ product suite, visit us on the web at

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