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Time Matters – Faster Record Review for New Patients

February 24, 2021


eHealth Company

We all know that clinical teams spend hours and hours each week in their EMR system. One study has shown that for every hour of time spent on patient care, clinicians spend two or more hours doing EMR-related tasks. It is also reported that clinicians spend one to two hours working in the EMR after hours. Other studies report that clinicians spend 27% of their time with patients, and as much as 50% of their time working in EMRs.

While there is plenty of debate around the tasks and time clinicians are required to work in the EMR, there are certain activities that need to be handled by the clinical team – one of which is the all-important record review in preparation for newly referred patients.

Across different specialties, clinical teams look for and need varying volumes of patient information. But having a medical history as complete as possible for a new patient evaluation–whether for a transplant or cancer care–is critical to creating an effective treatment plan.

The time that it takes clinicians to perform this record review can be expedited if the information collected is organized and prepared in a thoughtful and meaningful way, with duplicates removed that just slow down the process. I invite you to watch this two-minute video to learn more about the time savings that a clinically organized set of medical records can provide to health care teams. The ability to customize what records and images are collected, displayed, and prepared for clinicians can make a significant impact on the time spent in the EMR – a relief that many providers are seeking.

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