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Listen and Act: A Recipe for Customer Success

November 10, 2021


eHealth Company

Q&A with Liz Butt, Director of Customer Success

At eHealth Technologies, we make it our mission to provide seamless access to health care information, so that our clients can focus on what matters most–patient care. We are always striving to make our client’s jobs easier, and it’s important that we consistently listen to feedback so that we can create tools and processes that will not only meet but exceed their needs and expectations. In the last year, we have added a significant number of individuals to our team who primarily focus on our clients’ needs. This focus, paired with consistent communication with our Operations team, has proven to be a critical component in ensuring our customers are successful when using our solutions.

Over the past six months we have introduced many feature enhancements within the eHealth Connect platform, designed to make it easier and faster for our clients to submit and track open cases, navigate the dashboard more easily, and more. These enhancements were made in response to feedback we have received from clients. We recently caught up with Liz Butt, Director of Customer Success for eHealth Technologies, to learn more about these product enhancements.

Q: For those who may not know, what is the eHealth Connect platform, and what does it do?

 LB: The eHealth Connect platform allows our clients to request medical records on behalf of a newly referred or existing patient from outside providers and facilities. To do so, the client logs in, provides patient demographic information tells us where they were previously seen and by whom, and what information we need to obtain from those facilities. Within this platform, clients can submit requests for records, radiology images, and pathology slides. Once the request is submitted, the eHealth Technologies team works diligently to obtain the necessary information prior to the patient appointment. Additionally, the system builds out a patient centric screen that the user can access via the dashboard on the platform. Clients can search the patient’s name, communicate with our team via a chat box, upload records or authorization forms, and view up to date details on requests and FedEx status.

One of the most important parts of the eHealth Technologies launch process is working with clinicians to determine what they want to have in their hands at the start of the appointment. This allows us to ensure we are collecting the appropriate medical records, images and pathology slides prior to the patient visit.

Finally, our team indexes records by organizing them in a clinically relevant document that best meets the needs of our clients. We can either deliver the records back through our portal or integrate them within the client’s electronic medical record (EMR) or PACS system.

Q: What kinds of customer enhancements have been rolled out for this platform over the past few months?

LB: Our development team has made significant changes to the current platform. We initially focused on the features that were based on client finput, such as providing the ability to utilize single sign-on for security reasons. This allows clients to login with their facility-specific credentials vs. the eHealth Technologies generated login.

We’ve also made several changes based on consistent customer feedback over time

All of these enhancements have led to a total refresh to the system’s interface.

Q: How do these product enhancements tie into eHealth Technologies’ larger initiative surrounding better support for our clients?

LB: These product enhancements show what is possible when you provide your clients a voice. By listening to client feedback, we’ve been able to enhance our system to make their lives easier. The whole process builds trust on both sides and allows our clients to treat patients faster. We will always do whatever we can to ensure we are meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.

Every patient deserves faster access to care

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