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Governor Cuomo’s Statement About eHealth Technologies’ Growth

July 25, 2017


eHealth Company

Upstate New York Company is Part of Economic Growth Investment

eHealth Technologies Blog: Ken Rosenfeld, co-founder, eHealth Technologies

Last week, eHealth Technologies had the opportunity to host Governor Cuomo to celebrate our growth and success in Upstate New York.

I am proud to say, that our amazing team of over 225 people has been the core of this success. I was thrilled to have almost all of them present to hear the Governor’s celebrate their success. Some have been instrumental in our growth recently, and others have been with us from the very beginning, providing a bedrock of experience and expertise. And certainly, our customers, particularly those who trusted us in the beginning, have been critical to achieve this success.

While eHealth has grown every year since its inception, our growth has accelerated over the last couple of years as top influential healthcare institutions around the country have launched or expanded our services. We provide digital services that provide the medical records and images needed by clinicians when patients are referred to them for advanced care, such as for cancer or cardiovascular disease. Our services help ensure patients are seen faster, improve efficiencies for hospitals, and intelligently deliver information that clinicians need for their patients, all resulting in better patient care.

In a recent study done by one of our premier customers in the mid-west, we were able to shorten time to surgery for oncology patients by over a week. These are truly meaningful results, and our whole team is heartened by the personal stories of how patients are positively impacted by what we do every day.

We also provide access to medical images, like x-rays and MRIs, through the Health Information Exchanges that connect patient information from healthcare institutions around a geographical region. New York State has been a leader in the country in supporting Health Information Exchange to improve care and lower healthcare costs. We worked with and launched our imaging capabilities with the Rochester Regional Health Information Organization in 2009, and have spread our image sharing capabilities across New York State and other states around the U.S.

Our services require advanced software and technology, and a great team of people to interact with healthcare institutions and patients around the country. We could not be what we are today without our talented team here and the support that New York State has provided at every step of the way.

Governor Cuomo's statement about growth at eHealth Technologies

During his visit to eHealth, Governor Cuomo shared that “it is not overly dramatic to say that what you do saves lives. […] This is right in the sweet spot of where we have to grow as a state, a nation and as a private sector. Healthcare is the issue. The costs are growing exponentially. There is a potential to improve results like nothing else. This nation is still trying to come to grips of what is the healthcare system of tomorrow. But certainly, bringing technology to healthcare is way overdue. Healthcare is one of the largest pieces of the state budget. Improving outcomes, using technology, using data to drive the medical response is exactly the right direction. [eHealth Technologies is] at the tip of the arrow. You are doing God’s work. You are in a great business. You are also in a great economy and you are growing!”

I am looking forward to supporting more institutions with our services, allowing them to see patients faster and deliver the care those patients need.

Every patient deserves faster access to care

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