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Finding New “Time” to Focus on Patient Care

May 5, 2021


eHealth Company

In a medical practice there is nothing more important than patient relations and quality control. What differentiates successful practices from others?

  • Pleasant interactions between patients and the people from your office.
  • Early detection of disease state.
  • Early intervention based on a patient’s complete medical history.

From a visibility standpoint no one is more vital than your front-end staff.

Your front-end staff handles incoming phone calls, interacts with potential patients, and delivers the first impression for your practice. Some of the most time-consuming work assigned to front-end staff involves record retrieval. Hours are spent calling laboratories, pharmacies, imaging centers, and other medical offices, which takes time away from patients.

eHealth Technologies can:

  • Decrease the time spent retrieving records
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Increase uniformity of records
  • Increase quality control

Retrieving Critical Patient Information

eHealth Technologies provides seamless access to health care information, enabling caregivers to focus on what matters most – patients. By partnering with eHealth Technologies, your front-end staff can send the request to our team and we will retrieve, categorize, and provide a detailed report in a standardized format directly into your EMR/PACS for the clinical team to use when deciding on the treatment a patient will receive.

Timely Access to Patient Records and Images

Our turnaround time for a patient’s complete medical history is 3-5 days as compared to weeks or even months for patients and medical centers to return records. This has a direct impact on patient satisfaction as they can begin medical treatments sooner. Facilities that partner with eHealth Technologies spend up to 85% less time managing patient records and medical images. Your staff can refocus their time on patient care activities, not paperwork.

Standardized Collection and Delivery Methods

From the manager’s standpoint, quality control is also an important factor. Prior to electronic methods of record retrieval, it could take multiple staff members hours of time to contact all of the medical facilities where patient records were found. There was no way to measure how many hours were spent recovering records, nor to measure how many hours it took to data mine the information once obtained, and there was no standardized way to report the results that were found.

Data-driven, Streamlined Processes

eHealth Technologies can supply reports to managers notifying them of the number of requests submitted and information sent. Managers can use this information to check the quality of work completed by front end staff. Not only does eHealth Technologies retrieve and organize clinical information, but we can also help standardize workflows and organize records in a customized and consistent manner for clinicians and supervisors, thus providing a means for quality control.

By focusing on consistency of processes, formatting records, and reporting in a standardized manner, eHealth Technologies is here to assist your staff to work effectively and efficiently, allowing them to spend more time with patients and improve the patient experience.

Every patient deserves faster access to care

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