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Driving Success for OPOs with a Complete Medical Record

June 29, 2021


eHealth Company

As an organ transplant professional, you understand the important role that organ donation plays in saving lives: eight lives can be saved from a single organ donor.

You are tested every day to ensure that viable organs are preserved and that the work done to ensure a proper match leads to positive patient outcomes.

In the case of emergent procurement – when a fatal situation occurs such as a motor vehicle accident or gunshot wound, the medical records from the hospital are uploaded into DonorNet for OPOs and providers to use.

But, in a non-emergent procurement, more work can be done to assess the donor’s medical history to secure an appropriate match.

  • When a patient is in the hospital and their Glasgow Coma Score is a three (meaning they are unresponsive to stimuli) and the patient is assessed for organ donation, this process can take anywhere from three days up to a week.
  • Another non-emergent procurement is when there is a live donor. In these situations, a complete medical record for both the donor and the recipient aids in ensuring a successful and sustainable transplant.

eHealth Technologies can make the greatest impact in these situations.

Below are four ways partnering with eHealth Technologies can drive positive results for OPOs:

  1. Standardize and streamline your donor reports: We can make the reports consistent for all of the transplant centers you service. All members of your team, and the transplant teams that you work with at various transplant centers benefit from working with reliable information delivered in a consistent manner. Since eHealth Technologies does all of the manual legwork to compile records, images, and pathology for prospective donors, your team can spend up to 85% less time managing records – freeing up your licensed staff’s time to focus on donors and their families.
  2. Be confident in your prospective donor’s data: How often do you feel like you have a complete medical record for a potential donor? When you are relying on family members to provide this information it can be difficult to make sure transplant teams have all of the information needed to make a clinically-sound decision. Having the correct medical records helps you to rule out potential donors as a result of comorbidities that the family may not be aware of.
  3. Customize and clinically organize reports: In addition to doing the manual record retrieval work, our team specializes in clinically organizing records to expedite record review. Using our proprietary solution, we can organize information by organ type and provide a document that is formatted into categories with searchable by keywords that help teams quickly identify crucial donor information.
  4. Reserve your resources: By accessing more complete medical records, eHealth Technologies can aid saving the OPO manpower and resources working with a potential donor that is not a viable donor candidate. Your team can quickly rule out potential donors, allowing them to focus their time on the highest quality donors. Transplant centers can also reduce the need for a re-transplantation due to a transplant of an impaired organ that was placed because of lack of medical history.

In just five minutes your team can submit a record request for a potential donor, and in one to five days a complete record set is available for viewing/download from our secure portal. This report is easy to navigate so that transplant teams can quickly identify the critical information needed to make these life-saving decisions.

eHealth Technologies works with hospitals and health systems across the country – including 40% of the highest volume transplant centers – using best practices for record retrieval. Our team has the proficiency and is ready to help OPOs move towards a more successful and streamlined process to meet the needs of donor recipients.

Every patient deserves faster access to care

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