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Drive Better Transplant Outcomes for Patients

July 28, 2021


eHealth Company

After numerous conversations with transplant and waitlist coordinators across the country, they all tell me the same two things:

  1. “We are juggling hundreds of patients.”
  2. “We spend an exorbitant amount of time locating patient medical histories.”

Is there comfort in knowing that you’re not alone? Not when lives are on the line. But the good news is that a time-saving solution is available—a solution that impacts the number of patients you can review in a day.

Imagine if you were no longer burdened with medical record retrieval. What if you had more time to review patient histories? Even better, what if those histories were organized in an intelligent format that helped you present a patient to selection committee or waitlist re-evaluation?

Now let’s look at medical record retrieval from the patient’s perspective. No one knows better than you how sick your patients are. Patients have difficulty finding all the medical records that are critical in meeting transplant candidacy criteria. Especially when they are hospitalized, in a dialysis chair, weak or emotionally drained.

When patients are unable to locate records, coordinators tell us that they jump in to save the day. Calling providers, reviewing available patient records, requesting results, waiting for them…then spending hours looking for relevant lab values, imaging studies, and reports needed to list a patient for a transplant. Sound familiar?

eHealth Technologies is here to help. As the leading provider of clinical information services, eHealth Technologies takes the burden off clinical coordinators and patients. We locate medical records for you and deliver them directly into your EMR within 1-5 days.

Not only are patient records delivered into your medical record system, but it is done with your specific workflow needs in mind. We partner with your transplant medical records software team to map the information in accordance with your security and HIMSS organizational governance.


For Solid Organ Transplant specialties, we recommend individual categories and subcategories for systems like EPIC’s Phoenix because it allows association of outside reports with the corresponding procedures. This process often entails labeling the records with date of service as well as document category and sub-category:

Document Categories

Create a partnership between eHealth Technologies, your transplant team, and your EMR software platform to:

  1. Enable highly secure transfer of patient data from outside sources into your
  2. Contribute to improved workflow by routing results to the appropriate task
  3. Remove duplicate outside medical records prior to having them bog down your outside media tab
  4. Create organ-specific standardized reports

By having the patient information streamlined and correctly mapped, you will be able to view the complete medical history and make data-backed decisions. Together we can decrease the time it takes to list a patient while increasing the number of patients who are active on your transplant list, eventually growing the number of transplants your center performs.

Together we are driving better transplant outcomes, ultimately saving more lives through organ transplant.

Every patient deserves faster access to care

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