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Case Study

A Top-Ranking Clinical Cancer Center in Virginia Enhances Operations to Improve Patient Care and Decrease Administrative Burdens.


  • After implementing eHealth Connect® the Virginia-based clinical cancer center experienced a surge in patient appointments.
  • The partnership with eHealth Technologies started in the breast and lung departments but they quickly attracted more highly specialized oncology physicians allowing them to expand across all oncology lines.
  • Clinicians are now able to review a complete set of records prior to the patient’s first appointment – making it the initial appointment more productive and meaningful for the patient and the provider.

Customer Solution:

eHealth Connect Record Retrieval

“Once you have one service line integrated into the eHealth Technologies system, it’s actually quite easy to add another specialty,” said the Clinical Cancer Center’s Administrator. “Not every specialty needs the same records. With eHealth Technologies, we get a layer of customization that ensures the medical information is organized to meet the needs of the various specialties.

A National Cancer Institute-designated Clinical Cancer Center located in Virginia, serves a substantial population of cancer patients who need complex treatment plans and require ongoing monitoring and management. To help enhance patient care and improve health outcomes, the cancer center brought in additional oncology specialists and expanded into satellite clinics.

The challenge was to find a technology partner with deep industry expertise, who could help analyze their operational efficiencies and identify improvements across the various disease types and department workflows. This would require the eHealth Technologies team to interview each specialty’s clinician staff to identify what requirements were needed and how they would prefer to manage their patients’ care.

“Since teaming up with eHealth Technologies, our patients are seen faster, the complete medical history is available within the patient’s chart, the staff is solely focused on patient care, and our hospital has seen a significant bump in revenue.”

Administrator, Cancer Service Line, A Leading Academic Medical Center in Virginia

Streamline Workflows to Reduce the Guess Work

When the center started attracting more highly specialized oncology physicians, they turned to eHealth Technologies. eHealth Technologies’ comprehensive approach to streamlining the collection and organization of medical information empowered the center’s care teams to make better healthcare decisions by arming them with the right information in one complete and organized file, delivered to the patients’ chart. “Using the technology is a great experience. Each patient’s media tab has a file labeled by the department that ordered the information,” said the Cancer Service Line’s Administrator. “If you have a patient who has been seen by different specialties, you can look up their history easily and the data is organized the same way every time. There’s no guess work for us.”

Grow Department Outreach

The partnership with eHealth Technologies which started in the breast and lung departments has quickly expanded across all oncology lines. This progression with eHealth Technologies, helped the Clinical Cancer Center streamline operations, enable staff to operate at the top of their licenses, enhance patient engagement, grow their department outreach, and achieve remarkable results without having to bring on new intake staff to procure the medical information they need to see patients effectively.

The Clinical Cancer Center experienced a surge in patient appointments after implementing eHealth Technologies’ integrated solution. The cancer center was able to successfully address this surge of patient requests because physicians were able to conduct more meaningful patient appointments because of access to complete and accurate medical histories.

“The integration with eHealth Technologies was seamless and allowed us to add other specialties and offsite locations to support our patients while letting our clinicians and care teams get back to what truly matters: taking care of our patients and engaging with them in a new and meaningful way.” the Cancer Center’s Administrator said. “Expanding our cancer network meant standardizing clinical protocols around how we collect and manage our patient’s medical information. This new streamlined workflow allowed our healthcare teams to focus more on direct patient care, leading to improved productivity and increased patient satisfaction.”

* A Virginia-based, academic medical center with a top-ranked NCI-designated Clinical Cancer Center. eHealth Technologies shares success stories while protecting the confidentiality of our clients as needed in a competitive business environment.

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