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Raheel “Raz” Zia is the founding Partner of ACP. As a serial entrepreneur and investor in health care and technology, he has been involved in scaling operations and growing sales to build large businesses that have enjoyed successful outcomes.

Prior to co-founding Aldrich Capital Partners, Raz was a Managing Director in the Principal Investment Area (“PIA”) of Goldman, Sachs & Co., where he helped launch the growth equity investing practice. Over the course of his private equity investing career, prior to launching Aldrich Capital Partners, he was part of a team that invested approximately $634 million of capital across 12 growth equity investments from 2003 until August 2014.

Raz has worked extensively with technology businesses and helped companies in areas such as sales and marketing, channel distribution, acquisitions, new product launches, and R&D. Raz was the co-founder and CEO of Knumi, Inc, a mobile application software company that sold solutions to major enterprises. He led the successful sale of the business to Houghton-Mifflin.