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Why enhancing EHR connectivity, accessibility and ease of use is crucial for improving patient care and health outcomes

June 18, 2024


Record Retrieval Solutions

In modern healthcare, where technology intersects with patient care, Electronic Health Records (EHR) stand as a cornerstone. They are not just digital files of patient information; they are the lifeblood of pinpointing the right treatment plan. The seamless flow of integrated data directly into clinical workflows can make all the difference in providing accurate and timely treatment plans.  

The main challenge is the way technology brings outside patient data into the provider’s workflow. Often the display of patient medical histories is confusing, cluttered, inaccurate, or outdated. The information the care teams receive isn’t always actionable.  

The care team may also receive the patient’s medical histories, and images in different formats or from various sources. Their internal system cannot clinically organize the patient data or deliver it directly to the existing EHR or Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), in one comprehensive picture. Instead, the care team usually must go through a time-intensive process navigating through multiple medical appointments, sources, and manual processes to get a full understanding of the patient’s history. 

Enter the patented advanced technology solution, eHealth Connect® to bridge the gap between EHRs (Electronic Health Records Systems), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems), and clinician workflows with unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and security. 

One major benefit of collaborating with a technology solution is its seamless integration for secure data transfer directly into clinicians’ daily workflows. By automating the process of retrieving only requested patient data, it eliminates unnecessary delays and streamlines the entire care delivery process. Imagine a scenario where a clinician can access a patient’s medical records before a patient’s first appointment, allowing them to prepare a tailored care plan and make the most out of every initial appointment. This not only enhances the patient’s experience but also improves health outcomes by preventing any vital information from being overlooked. 

eHealth Connect is anchored by three crucial protocols: HL7, FHIR, and DICOM. These standards guarantee seamless data sharing and interoperability across various systems, empowering healthcare providers to securely collect and exchange medical data. Rest assured, your patient’s confidential medical information is safeguarded with access controls, audit trails, and robust data encryption measures in place. 

By investing in cutting-edge solutions like eHealth Connect, healthcare providers demonstrate their commitment to delivering high-quality care that prioritizes patient safety, convenience, and satisfaction. Because every patient deserves faster access to care. Request a demo today

Every patient deserves faster access to care

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